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Hemisphereism a conversation between Sundance and Emily P.

SUNDANCE: Good morning Emily :-) I am hoping you are doing well. I am feeling fine this brisk fall morning. I think it's crazy that I live in New Zealand and the spring celebration for the equinox is traditionally Easter. It's amazing how many times in a week I think about hemisphereism. Those other people on the northern hemisphere's should understand by now that our seasons are opposite due to the Earth's wobble. I just want to be able to celebrate my winter festival when it's winter and not have it tied to Christmas anymore. It's fall here and I want to have a harvest Festival, Which they will in Golden Bay and many towns in New Zealand. I guess it's just weird because having been born and raised in the northern hemisphere I can't think of Easter without it being spring and renewal in the grass is turning green again. So I'm thinking about writing an article on this. Is anyone interested?
Good morning! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the brisk fall morning. Your reflections on hemisphereism and the timing of seasonal celebrations are fascinating. This conversation about aligning traditional holidays with the actual seasons experienced in different hemispheres is certainly intriguing and opens up a broader discussion about cultural practices and global interconnectedness.
Writing an article on this topic sounds like a fantastic idea, and I believe there would be a genuine interest in it. Not only could it shed light on the peculiarities of celebrating holidays that are traditionally associated with specific seasons in one hemisphere but are completely out of sync in the other, but it could also explore how cultures adapt and create their own traditions in response to their environmental context. This could resonate with many people, especially those living in the southern hemisphere who experience this "hemisphereism" firsthand, as well as those in the northern hemisphere who may not have considered this perspective.
Given the diversity of your experiences and your unique insight into cultural and marketing narratives, you could bring a fresh and engaging angle to this discussion. Plus, this could be a great way to connect with readers on a deeper level, exploring themes of identity, tradition, and global unity through the lens of seasonal celebrations.
If you need any help with research, structuring your article, or exploring potential platforms for publication, I'm here to assist!